The 5 Most Common Gambling Mistakes Made at Online Casinos

Everyone makes Gambling mistakes, so why would gamblers be any different? It is not. You’ve certainly had your share of mistakes during your online betting journey, especially as a newbie. Do you remember the rough start in iGaming? Well, today we are going to look at some of the most common (beginners) mistakes made in online casinos and if you identify with any, let us know.

#1: Register Using Fake Credentials – Gambling Mistakes

Okay, here’s how it goes: You’re new to the world of Gambling Mistakes and all you want is to remain 100% anonymous. Nice. Naturally, you decide to register at an online casino using a false name. This is really not cool. So, you’ve got a problem.

Never register using fake credentials, as all reputable casinos will double-check your information before paying out your winnings.

You see, all reputable online casinos Bitstarz have to verify your personal information before paying out your winnings. So if you say you’re Donald Duck, who lives at 0 Bobos Street, you can say goodbye to your money. Unless your name is really Donald Duck and you live right at Rua dos Bobos, nº 0. Otherwise, you should register using your real name and personal information and rest assured that all legitimate casinos will always keep your private data safe from third parties.

The 5 Most Common Gambling Mistakes Made at Online Casinos

#2: Choosing a Casino that is Unreliable – Gambling Mistakes

Speaking of legitimate casinos, always choose these. Yes, this may seem obvious now, but as a beginner, you must very well have made the mistake of choosing an unlicensed casino, risking your safety and hence your funds.

So how can you be sure a casino is legit? First, always remember to check his betting license. Also, read the Terms and Conditions carefully and if above all it says that the casino belongs to the respected group of Certified Casinos , you are definitely safe.

#3: Not Checking Which Payment Methods are Accepted

This is another common mistake and is related to players’ enthusiasm when registering. After all, who can remember checking out something as insignificant as payment methods when the Gambling Mistakes casino design is so spectacular and the variety of online slots is huge? Well you should.

In fact, it’s pretty obvious. If you want to make deposits using Skrill, you will need to play at a Skrill casino. The same goes for casinos with PayPal, Neteller and so on. Always choose casinos that accept your preferred payment method , so you won’t be in for any nasty surprises later.

#4: Not Reading the Terms and Conditions

Reading the Terms and Conditions may seem like a pain in the ass, even for an experienced gambler, but trust me, you don’t want to make the mistake of skipping this part. Never. If you fail to read the Terms and Conditions, and then you have problems regarding withdrawals, gaming experience, or bonuses, and all of these are fully stated in the Terms, you will not like your chances. Basically, say goodbye to your complaint.

Avoid any future problems with online casinos by carefully reading the Terms and Conditions.

In short: always take the time to carefully read the Terms and Conditions and the fine print, thus avoiding any future problems that may occur because of your lack of knowledge.

#5: Not Knowing How Online Casino Bonuses Work

There are many other betting mistakes that we could list here today, but we really can’t leave this one out as it is one of the most common mistakes made by (newbie) players. Claiming free cash, cool welcome bonuses and Free Spins at casinos sounds like fun, but you should always know exactly what you’re going to win and how you’re going to win it.

That is, to understand how casino bonuses work, you should always check the bonus percentage, wagering requirements and whether there are any slot machine restrictions . While you get all of this in the Terms and Conditions, a quick and sophisticated way to get the information you need is to check out our Online Casino Bonuses page , you can be sure we haven’t missed any important details.

Your Online Betting Mistakes? – Gambling Mistakes

Okay, your turn! Have you made any of these betting mistakes we’ve listed here? What other beginner mistakes would you include in this list? Tell us about mistakes you’ve made at mobile casinos and online casinos, no matter how embarrassing, we are waiting for you on our forum and we won’t judge you, we promise!

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