How Many Poker Cards Are In A Spanish Deck?

Most of us have a deck of Many Poker Cards at home, around which we gather to play with family and friends. Nothing better to have a fun time than a game of cards. But do you really know its characteristics, what are the most popular games or how many cards are in a Spanish deck ? In we give you the answer to all these questions.

How many cards are there in a Spanish deck and what are they?

If the Spanish deck stands out for something, it is for its designs LeoVegas inspired by medieval times. In this way, it is divided into four groups that correspond to the existing hierarchies at that time: the merchants represent gold, the clergy symbolizes the cups, the nobility alludes to swords and the clubs are equivalent to servants.

Regarding the number of cards, in principle, every deck must have 50 cards . You will have often heard that it is 48, but that is because the jokers are not counted, which are nevertheless included and are necessary for some games. Other people maintain tha

t it is 40. In that case, the eights and nines are not being counted either. Eight cards in total, which are not necessary in Tute or Brisca games, for example.

How Many Poker Cards Are In A Spanish Deck?

Next, we detail which are the cards of the Spanish deck and their characteristics.

Four ‘suits’: The Spanish deck has four large groups known as ‘suits’. They are the golds, the cups, the clubs and the swords. Each one has the same number of cards and its relevance depends on the type of game.

From Ace to Seven:

The first seven cards are used in most games. It should be noted that its hierarchy does not have to follow the numerical order from smallest to largest or vice versa. In many games, for example, the three is a very valuable card.

The eight and the nine: These are two of the cards that generate more doubts when it comes to knowing how many cards are in a Spanish deck. In the most popular games they are not even used.

Jack, horse and king: They are known as the figures and correspond to the numbers 10 (jack), 11 (horse) and 12 (king). In most games they have a very important value.

Two Jokers: As with the eight and nine, they are not used often. But that does not mean that they are not part of the deck. When buying a deck they are usually included and it is highly recommended that you take this into account before making a purchase. They will be essential, for example, if you want to play a game of poker and you don’t have an English deck.

The best card games with the Spanish deck – Many Poker Cards

There are countless card games with which to have a good time. Some depend more on chance, while others require a lot of ingenuity to win. We review the most important ones.

La brisca: it is a game of tricks with a trump suit in which not all the cards are distributed at the beginning of the game, but instead they are taken from the deck as the tricks are played. It is played with a Spanish deck of 40 cards and the objective is to gather more points than the opponents in the tricks won by a player or a pair of players.

The Tute:

it is one of the most popular Spanish card games. The name of the game comes from the Italian word ‘tutti` because whoever collects all the kings or all the knights wins the game. The Spanish deck of 40 cards is used, and each game is played to a number of games established in advance. To win a game, the four knights (Tute de caballeros) or the four kings (Tute de reyes) must be gathered in the hand, or else reach 101 points, adding the value of the cards of the tricks won.

How Many Poker Cards Are In A Spanish Deck?

The chinchón: it belongs to the wide family of Many Poker Cards games. That are base on combining the cards in the hand before the opponents. The Spanish deck of 40 or 48 cards is use and. The objective is to combine the cards in the hand before the other players to expose them in one go.

The mus: Thanks to its unique appeal and special features, each game becomes an exciting game, which makes it one of the favorites. It is a game for which a Spanish deck of 40 cards is used. The objective is to win eight amarracos (40 stones) in one or more partial games. You can also play six amarracos (30 stones).

Curiosities of the Spanish deck – Many Poker Cards

The history of the Spanish deck indicates that it was create. As an entertainment object, but soon after it began to be associate with the occult, the mysterious. His images represented the political-social rank of the time. The jack (page), the queen and the king. The cards survive during. This time under secret places where divination was practiced. Where each symbol represented a hidden message. Which for this time in history was considered as sin or witchcraft. But his curiosities go further.

The Spanish deck was adopted during the Aragon rule in Naples , then its design evolved mainly in Spain, which is why the Neapolitan deck is more similar to the old Spanish deck.


The current appearance of the Spanish deck is due to Heraclio Fournier , a Burgos of French origin who in 1868 presented a winning lithographed deck at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. However, the design that has been maintained until now is the one made by Augusto Ruís for Fournier himself.

Since the origin of the Spanish deck, the knights of cups and gold usually face to the left. While those of clubs and swords do so to the right. Like the kings who represent the cups and gold. They are younger, while those with clubs and swords are older and bearded men.

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