Slots Superstitions in the UK and the World

Slots Superstitions in the UK and the World. Any which way you win big, each and every one of us has their own unique way. Is it a chant before you spin the leaver? Is yours to pull it when the slot machine lights up in the right way for you? Or do you do it just like your grandmother used to, a family secret that you need not share with us so long as that bank is looking healthy! It is no wonder, therefore, that slot game users around the world are keen to have their own bespoke superstitions when it comes to betting online – play Sharknado slots game.

How People be About Online Slot Gaming? – Slots Superstitions

Britain is renowned for her vast amounts 777-Casino of superstitions, do you nod when you see a magpie, regret the seven years of luck when you break a mirror or avoid walking underneath a ladder? Well you are not alone with a study suggesting that 50% of brits avoid doing the most common of superstitious activities:

  •         Touching wood to stop bad luck
  •         Not stepping on triple drains
  •         Not opening umbrellas indoors
  •         Making wishes when crossing train tracks

Find yourself victim to any of these common superstitions? As well acquainted with online slot games as a successful high roller like yourself. You might not identify with them directly. But you will most definitely be using some of the tactics when it comes to placing your big bets on your favourite online slot games.

The same study suggested that Londoners and Scots are the most superstitious. With the midland folk being the least superstitious.

So, if you are cautiously putting big bets down from Chelsea. You might find something in common with an Aberdonian online slot bettor in the flair your put on a slot spin before conducting it!

How does Superstition Correlate with Online Casino Slot Betting?

You, the expert, do not need us to tell you that superstition is different for everyone and whether or not you believe it. Probably will not affect your gameplay, but we all know that it sure is fun to think about.

For big wins you need big bets and to know the game you are playing, that’s why a professional bettor such as yourself knows that checking your odds and the potential return to player is the most important aspect to packing those hard-earned bucks into your pockets.

Despite all this, igaming bettors from all around the world have different focuses of superstations which undoubtably influences their online slot betting:

  •         Germans wont cheers with water – a smart Alek knows this wont affect their betting skills
  •         Egyptians cannot snip scissors without cutting anything – do they also wait for the light to flash up on the slot machine first then?
  •         The Spanish believe that Tuesday the 13th is an unlucky day – we all know that it is clearly Friday the 13th!

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