Sporting Legends Roberto Carlos Slot Review

It’s very rare for slots that are centred Roberto Carlos Slot Review around a legend to have input from the star themselves. However, that is where Sporting Legends Roberto Carlos is different. The creators of this game actually interviewed Roberto Carlos, who noted that they were incredibly interested in learning as much about the Brazilian footballer as possible. Perhaps due to the attentive approach, the slot is loaded with references to his career, alongside his signature and appearance as the top symbol.

The company that did all of this work in order to make the slot as accurate, is Playtech. Putting a large amount of effort into each release is certainly not an unusual task for this provider, however, with their titles being held to a high standard. In the past, they have created some top slots.

Sporting Legends Roberto Carlos Slot Review

Feature Symbols

Let’s start this section by mentioning the usual 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols that are found within most online slots nowadays. From here, there is a captain’s armband, a whistle, a set of boots, a Roberto Carlos shirt, and finally, a trophy. Should six of these match along a payline, players can be awarded with 150x, 150x, 250x, 250x, or 400x their stake size, respectively.

There are two special symbols in Sporting Legends Roberto Carlo, both of which are wilds. One is represented by a football, while the other is Roberto Carlos himself. The latter will appear super stacked and has the potential to completely fill a reel. Apart from the size and design, these symbols work in identical ways, with them both being able to replace standard symbols to form a combination.

Sporting Legends Roberto Carlos Slot Review

Bonuses and Jackpots – Roberto Carlos Slot Review

The main bonus in Sporting Legends Roberto Carlos is a respin mode. Which can be triggered if a fully stacked Roberto Carlos wild appears on any of the reels. Should this happen, players will be awarded with a free spin, with Roberto moving one step to the left after. Any potential winnings have been award. In addition to this, the multiplier will increase by 1 for every move, which will be applied solely to the final spin.

During respins, a regular wild will push the fully stack wild one space to the right. Which can help to keep the icon on the board for longer. Players can also opt to ‘Feature Bet’ with each spin. This will double the chance of the respin mode being trigger but requires players to increase their bet size by 0.5x.

Finally, we have to touch on the jackpots that are within Sporting Legends Roberto Carlos. There are three in total, with a daily, weekly, and sporting legend jackpot associated with this slot. Each jackpot can be awarded on any spin, regardless of whether. There are any matching combinations or not. With the jackpot then being reset. It’s worth mentioning. That the jackpots are progressive, meaning that. A small portion of each wager is contribute to the potential prize pool.


Play Sporting Legends Roberto Carlos at Party Casino

For anyone that is a fan of football slots, this game stands out. From the crowd due to the input from Roberto Carlos himself. He features throughout. The slot machine, including on the symbols and during any potential win screens. The addition of three jackpots is another aspect of Sporting. Legends Roberto Carlos that punters will likely appreciate!

Is Sporting Legends Roberto Carlos available to play at PartyCasino?

Yes, Sporting Legends Roberto Carlos and many other popular slots can be found online at PartyCasino.

Which company created the Sporting Legends Roberto Carlos slot?

Sporting Legends Roberto Carlos was produced by Playtech.

How do players unlock the bonus in Sporting Legends Roberto Carlos?

When a fully stacked Roberto Carlos wild symbol appears fully stack on any of the reels. The main respins bonus mode will trigger.

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