Instructions For Playing Games with Bitcasino Application

The rapid growth of online betting, Games with Bitcasino Application there is no doubt that bookmakers and casino enthusiasts love to bet and try new games daily on a platform like Bitcasino. However, you may be hesitating ‘Can I play betting using the mobile app?’

With the new Bitcasino application available on Android devices, users can access the familiar interfaces of Bitcasino with great flexibility. There are no barriers stopping you from having a great experience when it comes to choosing game formats and placing bets.

Bitcasino proudly offers thousands of betting games such as slots, live dealing, games of skill, e-sports betting and many more. The only thing for a better experience is to take the mobile betting experience to the next level and transform it completely. Playing on the computer is obviously convenient, but a new era of flexibility and convenience awaits. Betting is easier than ever, you can bet anywhere you like! Learn more about the new Bitcasino Android app and find out how to try it out.

Get Started with the Bitcasino App

Downloading the Bitcasino app to your phone is simple. However, it is not like other simple applications where you go to the app store, find this application in the search bar.

You need to access the official Bitcasino website with a web browser first. There you will find an  official announcement  about this Android app and how to download it. You can also download it by scanning the QR code or clicking the link in the notification. Another way is to download apps through platform From there, the app should be installed within minutes. The size of this application file is 35.65 MB, only taking up a very small part of your phone memory.

Once the installation is complete, you can see the Bitcasino icon on your phone. Click on it to go to the login page. Those who already have an account at Bitcasino just need to enter their username and password. Conversely, those who do not have a Bitcasino account can immediately create one. Just select the subscription and you will be redirected to another page. Follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Enter required information

First, you are required to declare personal information. Include email address and date of birth. You also need to set a unique username to use when playing on the Bitcasino platform. Remember that the account you create with your phone is the same account you use on your computer or tablet.

Step 2 – Set a strong password

Setting a strong password is very important for every application. Create a strong password for your Bitcasino account to keep your betting information and funds safe. A good password should include uppercase and lowercase letters, at least 1 number and 1 special character.

Step 3 – Set up security measures

Now that you have a strong password, it’s even better to double up on security and set up two-factor authentication. Every time you log in, a message will be sent to your mobile device or an email to confirm that you are logged in yourself. Using a two-factor authentication application is also a good option.

Explore apps

When you visit the Bitcasino Android app for the first time, you will see a simple yet stylish homepage. You will immediately see many promotions and featured games. Explore further by clicking on the icons at the bottom to access the categories or to deposit and withdraw.

You can easily surf into this app to find everything quickly. As soon as you’re signed in, you’ll have instant access to featured games and choose the ways others are enjoying playing. Every week, there is always a featured game on the homepage. This game is selected based on the 888Casino number of players who have placed bets and have positive reviews. If you want to discover something new every week, you can refer to this section.

Instructions For Playing Games with Bitcasino Application

Many People Think Why Waste Time Downloading – Games with Bitcasino Application

The Bitcasino application when the platform can be accessed through a larger computer screen. However, that is not necessarily true because the interface of the application is simple, but still retains the appeal of the original platform that many people already know and love.

Moreover, you will notice there is a small menu bar with 4 options in the bottom corner of the screen. Thanks to that, you can visit the main page, search for your favorite games, access your wallet and much more. Place your bets and access your favorite games with ease. The last thing to do is give it a try!

Deposit and Withdraw Money on The App

Bitcasino is one of the few online casinos that accepts payments in both cryptocurrencies and multiple fiat currencies. Many people think that switching to mobile will make deposits and withdrawals difficult, but that is not the case. See the simple instructions below to deposit and withdraw.

Top up via Bitcasino app – Games with Bitcasino Application

Recharging or transferring your money from one place to another is easy with the Bitcasino Android app. To get started, look for an icon called ‘Wallet’ located at the bottom of the screen. Click this button to go to another page to choose whether you want to deposit fiat money or deposit cryptocurrency. You can then connect your bank account or cryptocurrency wallet to your Bitcasino account and transfer money easily. Just choose the amount you want, the transaction will be done within minutes.

Once you have successfully deposited funds into your account, you will see your balance in Bitcasion increase. When you win or lose while playing, the balance will also be updated. Depositing money has never been so easy with mobile online casinos. You can conveniently top up while enjoying the games.

Withdrawal from Bitcasino app – Games with Bitcasino Application

Once you have finished playing, you can easily check your Bitcasino account balance and withdraw money. Since the wallet is linked to a bank account or a cryptocurrency wallet, you can withdraw money very simply. Select the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the transaction. You will see the money transferred successfully in a few minutes. You can do this as many times as you want with your money.

And now that you know how to deposit and withdraw from the Bitcasino app, placing bets will be a breeze! The process goes smoothly over the phone as your online bank account and crypto wallet are easily accessible. Try and experience the convenience of this easy money transfer.

Access to Betting Games – Games with Bitcasino Application

Bitcasino is proud to offer a diverse portfolio of exciting games, both video games and live games. It’s the heart of the platform and keeps players entertained for a long time. It makes a lot of sense if the new Bitcasino application on the Android platform can provide smooth and efficient access to all games and promotions. Whatever your mood, or what kind of game you want to play, rest assured that the Bitcasino platform has something for you. For a list of available games, check out the list below

  • Bombay Club – Bombay Club
  • Slots – Slots
  • Jackpot Slots
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack – Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Lottery – Lottery
  • Table Games
  • Video Poker – Video Poker
  • Skill Games – Skill Games
  • Multiplayer – Multiplayer
  • Casual Games – Casual Games
  • Video Bingo – Video Bingo
  • Scratch Cards – Scratch Cards
  • Wheel of Fortune – Wheel of Fortune.

For those who have just created an account at Bitcasino for the first time, we recommend choosing the featured games. That way you can experience the best games on the platform and decide your taste afterwards. Fortunately, discovering the new Bitcasino application on the Android platform ensures security and transparency for all users.

How to start betting on your phone

If you already know how to bet on the computer version of Bitcasino, playing on the Android app is also very easy. For more on how and how to get started, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Select category and game

Whether you want to play online, slots or casual, you just have to choose the category you want. Next, a list of games of the category will automatically appear. You can choose to play the featured games at the top of this list, or scroll down to select other games.

Step 2 – Choose to play on real or simulated mode

Once you have selected a game, you will be redirected to the relevant page. This page includes necessary information such as RTP (Real Time Transport Protocol) and description of the game.

When players choose emulator mode, they will have the opportunity to play the game for fun and experience the game’s features without having to pay real money. The real game mode requires you to bet real and there will be real winners and losers.

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Step 3 – Start betting – Games with Bitcasino Application

When you place your bets, keep in mind that every game is different and has minimum and maximum bets. Online betting games also have different specific betting options. Double check these options before you continue playing.

Step 4 – Experience the betting game and its features on the phone

Immerse yourself in Bitcasino’s magical mobile bets. Pull the slots or close the bet and enjoy! Take advantage of diverse bonus features. Bonuses are game dependent Games with Bitcasino Application so you’ll have plenty to try. Slots games are popular choices when it comes to bonus features because each one offers something very different. On the other hand, online casinos are more formal but also have quite a few different features compared to traditional indoor casinos.

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